Monday, January 17, 2011

The weather this winter seems to be on a roller coaster! Snow and ice are not fun, but then additional rain on top of this as it all melts makes for a slippery walk to the pasture!

So far so good though and the most issue we've had is having to put in some major elbow grease to get the caked-on mud off the horses. If that's the worst of it...I'll take it!

2011 goals are going to require some serious hard work. The big goal is to compete Nyah in one of the Fall Classic weeks. I'm a little nervous about setting such a challenging goal, but think everyone needs one big goal each year to help them stay motivated with the smaller feats. This one is the biggest challenge for me yet since my car accident 2 years ago. It will require me to get back into jumping and push my back quite a bit. I am up for the challenge though and fortunate to have a good gym not too far from the house with an indoor pool to help me keep the back muscles in order. Just crossing my fingers I can keep the pace to make this work.

Graffi has decided she likes fox hunting. Erin joined Kay and Karen in a fox hunt on December 28th and took Graffi. I have to admit that those two are like peas and carrots! I cannot believe that the scared little Graffi I came across in 2005 has the confidence to do something like that now. Such a pleasure to see and wish more people would understand that horses are not machines and most are very sensitive. Too much too soon in life impacts them negatively forever!

Well, that's the skinny to date. Hope all are having a good start to 2011!


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